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The  Golden Sun Disk  is a time piece by Louis De Cordier. Designed to be a generator of spiritual, intellectual and artistic reflections. An opener of ways to dream about our human condition and the destiny of our species. The record incorporates sacred geometry, earth sciences and astronomy. Its message reflects  the state of Man, broken free, wandering endlessly around in an ever-changing space. The sculpture is a place for rest, a sacred instrument for moving through this dynamic and chaotic timespace. Enabling us to realize that we are each a “ passerby” on this planet Earth, with the goal to create a better world for our children.

The Golden Sun Disk, an archaeological artifact of the Future, is an expression of artistic and technological creation and a symbol of human-scaled introspection.

The oldest continuous civilization so far has been the Chinese, which is about 5000 years old. Most other civilizations lasted no longer than 3000 years, and there is no particular reason to believe ours will last longer. In the eventuality of the fall of civilization by climate, war or cataclysmic events, the design of the time piece conceals the power and hope to transmit its content to very distant generations, 10,000 or even 1,000,000 years into the future.

The disk’s electrolyzed golden layer (100% gold) can withstand eternity as a non-corrosive protection to air, water and chemicals. In the realm of the disk being used as a portable instrument handed over from generation to generation. It will loose gradually its golden film and free the massive brass core. Exposed to the elements, the naked brass ( 95% copper and 5% zinc ) disk will continue to resist most corrosion for over 15,000  years. Because copper becomes an anode in electrolytic reactions, receiving deposits instead of wasting away like most iron-bearing metals.

Considering the wide time spans of the future, the disk has several time markers in case the creation date of the disk should be lost. The time can be recognized by calculation from the incorporated astronomical data, like the inclination of the earth axis in relation to the solar ecliptica. The people of the future will therefore be able to determine the number of years that have elapsed since the disk was created, by computing backward from their time.

The digital mould of  the Golden Sun Disk is designed by using a highly sophisticated computer programme and produced on an edition of 26 copies by a CNC (computer numerical controlled) milling machine. A collection to circulate world-wide to increase the possibility of long-term survival.

The Golden Sun Disk sale profits are used to fund the Mataha-project by Louis De Cordier. A research project featuring the geo-archaeologic exploration of the Egyptian Labyrinth at Hawara.  A colossal temple described by many classic authors like Herodotus and Strabo, to contain the history of Mankind. A legendary building lost under the ancient sands of Egypt.

The Golden Sun Disk generating the Mataha-project aims to be the catalyst, to ignite the global fire of comprehensive awareness and awakening.

title: Golden Sun Disk
concept: Louis De Cordier
design: Louis De Cordier  &  Seppe Slabbinck

dimensions: 30cm (11.8 in)  diameter  8mm (0.3 in) thick
technic:  gilded CNC milled brass plate
materials:  gold (100% gold),  brass (95% copper & 5% zinc)
weight: 5kg (11 lbs)

26 original copies
delivered with certificate

for sale inquiries please contact:
+32 486 20 85 33

Mataha Expedition
Lost labyrinth of Egypt discovered

making of the
Gulden Sun Disk

image Golden Sun Disk